Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cooking ahead ...

After hitting the gym and running errands my mom and I cooked up a storm !

Our afternoon cooking session included crab/salmon cakes, pumpkin protein bars, won tongs filled with shrimp and chicken and roasted curried eggplant for dinner.( You can find these recipes in the " Recipes " tab )

The recipe for the pumpkin protein bars are not my own but you can find them  HERE

I love having meals or snacks cooked ahead , as a student Grab 'n Go is a must.After going to school from 8 to 2:30, then having to rush home to pack my gym bag and make dinner for work , to then go to the gym, I really don't feel like cooking.I love just having to open the fridge and knowing fresh , delicious and healthy food is available.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New beginnings

As a new blogger I am so excited to be part of the whole blogging community. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, or if my blog will appeal to anyone but I am totally fine with that.

You see normally, I strive to be perfect but in the past 2 months I have realized it’s not about perfect. It’s about doing and giving your best to everything you do. In this case : losing 50 lbs is a goal I know I will achieve because now I have the tools to succeed. It’s not something that will change itself I have to MAKE the change.

A little insight to what I am doing to change from flabby to fit :

-          Exercising at least 4 times a week ( going to the gym, doing Zumba on my Wii , Biggest Loser DVD’s)

-          Drinking 60 to 80 oz of water a day

-          Eating more protein , less carbs

-          Enjoying following weight loss bloggers on their journey’s (so inspiring!)

-          Writing everything I eat in my food journal

-          Only weighing myself once a week , on Mondays J

These little things have made my life so much better , I just have to keep in mind : Strive for change not for perfect ! What kind of lifestyle do you lead ?  What do you do to keep yourself healthy ?