Tuesday, 29 May 2012


It has been a while since I posted on here but I'm back and with some great pictures to show my progress so far !(bottom of the post). Prom is only a few weeks away and although I have not lost the 50lbs I originally wanted to loose for the big event, I am confident in achieving my goals for August.I made a few calls and have signed up for a women's only boot camp/kickboxing class, looking forward to kicking my butt in gear.Also , I finally found a place to live for my college years ! I am so excited to move out, have my own space and be independent.The gym is attached to the college so no excuses and the grocery stores aren't far from my house.Getting the keys in July but official move in date will be in August.

ps: I always said I would get my belly button pierced if I lost 25 to 30lbs... well i did !
Another BIG deal ; my 18th birthday is in only 14 days.To mean this means freedom and Independence , yay me :)

After ( 27lbs down )


Feeling great !

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