Friday, 3 February 2012

Crazy week

This week has been crazy !!!  I got accepted to my DREAM college ,started my last semester of high school ( only 4 months until graduation :D ) and .... registered for my first triathlon.
That's right I'm really going to do it ! The triathlon is only August 4th 2012 but my training started yesterday.It's called " Tri-a-thon " so it consists of a 200m swim/20km of cycle/2km run.This is something I had always dreamt of and can not believe is actually going to happen !

A few months ago I would have never actually done this, it's incredible how much strength can come from pushing yourself not only physically but mentally.Pants are getting looser , calf's are starting to get defined , stomach rolls disappearing and feeling healthier then ever ; what a difference 15lbs makes !

Wednesday was my first cycle training (Jan 31st )-biked 10km in 35 minutes so it will take me about an hour for the 20km.Hoping to shave off at least 15 minutes off that before the actual race.Swim training will start this Saturday, my plan is to swim at least once a week but try for twice.In December I ran a 5k on new year's eve in under 45 minutes ,so here's to hoping after swimming and biking the 2k will still be a  breeze.I plan on keeping up with running frequently and just try not to get injured ( I'm a total klutz ,once sprained my ankle while doing a happy dance).

Also , like I mentioned I started the new semester at school  on Monday.Let me just say I'm a little furious about this new rule.NO EATING - in class , in the hallway or anywhere in the school except the cafeteria or atrium.Are you freaking kidding me.......


I eat 5 to 6 small meals a day and now I can bearly drink water ? My homeroom teacher explained that we don't need to eat almost every class , and if I want to eat I need a doctors note.So being stubborn as I am , I booked a doctors appointment on Tuesday.How does the school system expect us to be healthy teenagers when we cant eat in class?.They want us to starve in class and then stuff our faces with what ever food we see because we're so hungry at lunch.This is actually ridiculous , as a Senior I think we are responsible enough to pick up after ourselves.All I can say is ; I cant wait to get out of high school ! These crazy rules are harming young kids lives not helping.

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